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What Platforms are Supported by Cross Play?

Are you a gamer looking to maximize your gaming experience with cross-play? Looking for platforms to get the game you desire with cross-play features? Worry not! This article will help you understand what platforms are supported by Cross Play and how to play your favorite games with them. You can now make the most out of each gaming session without any worries.


Crossplay is rapidly becoming a popular term in the gaming world. It means the ability of gamers on different platforms to play online games together. A couple of decades ago, it was impossible to play games with someone who owned a different console. Fast forward to today, Crossplay allows gamers to share the fun with family, friends, and players all over the world, regardless of what gaming platforms they are on.

Different games offer different types of Crossplay support. Some games allow players to game together using a combination of different consoles, while others are limited to specific platforms. One such game that supports Crossplay is Rocket League. Rocket League Crossplay lets players using Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC play together. So, you can join your friend’s game no matter what gaming platform you own.

What is Cross Play?

Cross-play is the ability for gamers to play together using different gaming platforms as if they were on the same platform. Cross-play enables people on different consoles or devices to participate in the same multiplayer game from anywhere in the world.

Rocket League is a game that boasts cross-play support. It allows players to play together across different platforms, including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. This means that a player on Xbox can team up with a friend on PC and play alongside one another in the same game.

Cross-play support is advancing the gaming community towards a more connected and inclusive future, breaking down barriers and fostering a more diverse and robust gaming ecosystem.

What Platforms Support Cross Play?

Cross-play is a gaming feature allowing players on different platforms to play together online. Currently, various platforms support cross-play. These platforms include:

PlayStation 4 (PS4): Supports cross-play with Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch users on some games.
Xbox One: Supports cross-play with PC and Nintendo Switch. PlayStation 4 is excluded from this list.
Nintendo Switch: Supports cross-play with Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices for some games.
PC: Supports cross-play in most cases, including with consoles and mobile devices.

Yes, Rocket League does support cross-play. You can play with players on all other platforms except for PlayStation 4. Cross-play is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you choose to.

Cross-play enables players to have more opponents to play with and a better gaming experience. It also promotes inclusivity within the gaming community.

How Does Cross Play Work?

Cross play is the ability to play online games with players from different platforms or gaming systems. Cross play is supported on various gaming platforms, including Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, PC, and mobile devices.

Platform Cross Play
Xbox One Yes
PlayStation 4 Yes
Nintendo Switch Yes
Steam PC Yes

Rocket League is one such game that supports cross play, which means players can compete online with others playing on different platforms. The game allows cross platform play between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam PC players, enabling users to play together seamlessly.

Moreover, Rocket League has implemented a cross-platform progression feature that enables players to access their customized items and game progress across all the supported gaming platforms.

Cross play is undoubtedly revolutionizing online gaming and opening up a broader range of players to compete online.

Benefits of Cross Play

Crossplay allows gamers to play online with others on different gaming platforms. Gamers can use their PC, PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switch to have access to the same multiplayer games, regardless of their console type. Crossplay allows players to enjoy more online gaming options, compete against more players, and have a more dynamic and diverse gaming experience.

Some popular games that support crossplay are Fortnite, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Rocket League, with its massive player base, has been a leader in cross-platform play, offering users the ability to play their favorite game on multiple devices. Rocket League supports crossplay between PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch platforms.

Additionally, it is important to note that games that support crossplay keep their community active longer and thus extend the lifespan of the game, making it a worthy investment for developers.

Challenges of Cross Play

Cross-play allows players on different gaming platforms to play together, regardless of their hardware, operating system, or device. While the concept seems promising, it also poses several challenges for developers and players alike.

One of the challenges of cross-play is ensuring that all gaming platforms can communicate and work seamlessly with each other. There are also concerns around fairness and advantages that players on certain platforms may have over others. Privacy and security of players’ data from different platforms are also major concerns that need to be addressed.

Not all games support cross-play. Rocket League, for example, is a game that supports cross-play between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam users. However, cross-platform features must be enabled in the game’s options for players on different devices to access it. Rocket League also allows users to disable cross-platform play if they wish to play only with players on their platform.

Overall, cross-play has enormous potential to unify gamers all over the world, but developers need to be mindful of the challenges that come with it to provide users with an exceptional gaming experience.

Pro tip: Make sure you check if the game you want to play has cross-play features and if your platform supports cross-play to avoid any unwanted commotion.

Is Rocket League Cross Play?

Yes, Rocket League is cross-play enabled, allowing players to enjoy the game together across multiple platforms, including PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Mac. Crossplay allows players to connect with friends and other players playing on different platforms, expanding the player base and the overall gaming experience.

However, it’s essential to note that cross-play is not enabled by default, and players need to enable it in the settings menu. To do this, head to the main menu, choose options, select the “gameplay” tab, and turn on the cross-platform play button.

It’s worth mentioning that players can turn off cross-platform play if they want to play only with the players on their platform.


In conclusion, Cross-Play refers to the ability of gamers, using different platforms, to play a multiplayer game together, without restrictions based on the platform they are using. A game that is cross-play enabled allows gamers on different platforms to play together, share high scores, and connect with their friends.

Many popular games such as Rocket League, Fortnite, and Minecraft are cross-play enabled across various platforms like PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. Rocket League, in particular, supports cross-play between all platforms, allowing players to compete with their friends regardless of whether they’re playing on a PC, Xbox One, Switch, or Playstation. With cross-play, gamers can expand their gaming boundaries and connect with even more of their online gaming communities.

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